Kindling Arts Festival 2018

Kindling Arts Festival 2018 / August 24-26th, 2018

Artists that yearn to push the boundaries are worthy of celebrating. I'm pumped to show you this promo I created alongside the people of the Kindling Arts Festival, featuring SO much local talent. The 2018 festival is the inaugural run of the event, and I was so excited when their founders Jessika and Daniel reached out to me to create their building-tour promo video. Several venues throughout the Wedgewood-Houston area of Nashville, including Track One (as seen in our promo) and AbrasiveMedia, are hosting performances by Suspended GravityLaura Peek, Madeleine Hicks' Potty Mouth, Numinous Flux Dance Company, and so many more! 

Shoutout to Alanna Royale, who allowed us to use her track "Big Time Me" for this video. Just another nod to talented folks in Nashville. Thanks for checking out the promo!